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Artist Lizette Luijten-Daas

Lizette Luijten - Daas was born on the 16th December 1965 at Breda.


She studied at the Möller - institute and at Academy for Arts of Design in Tilburg. She learns a lot a gets a lot of enjoyment from teaching art in several schools and giving art courses.


She exhibits regularly in the Netherlands and Belgium. Beside her activities as an artist in her own company Artilize, she has worked since 1989 as an identikit picture drawer for the police force.


“Painting” she says “is with your hands, your head, but above all, with your heart”. There, in her heart Lizette stores all the impressions and feelings that inspire her work. There are conversations with the course participant, the witness, the model. This is where the inspiration comes from.


The compositions form a contrast between light and dark, transparent and opaque, straight angles and the natural round form of the body. But that is only the form of the painting. These elements are in fact symbols for very different human contradictions. So, for Lizette, painting is a search for rest and strength, vulnerability and distance, intimacy and publicity. These contrasts are for Lizette most recognizable in a woman. For this reason she paints almost exclusively female bodies.


The careful combination of oil paint colours, do not form a photographic view of reality, but an imagination of a visual experience. They create a explanation of the relationship between model and artist.


There is depth in her paintings. Scars, but also smiles. Bowed backs and extended arms.

A head between the knees or hands hopefully stretched ahead. There is life in the paintings. But as for a real person you learn to know the painting in the course of years. And just like a real human this attribute is the reason that you can get none enough of her work.



Covered In White Lizette Luijten-Daas

Kunstposters - 50 x 100 cm

Covered In White - Lizette Luijten-Daas

Kunstposters - 50 x 70 cm

Balance - Lizette Luijten-Daas

Kunstposters - 50 x 70 cm

Rest - Lizette Luijten-Daas
Solitary II Lizette Luijten-Daas

Kunstposters - 30 x 30 cm

Solitary II - Lizette Luijten-Daas

Kunstposters - 30 x 30 cm

Solitary I - Lizette Luijten-Daas