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Artist Corry Olthof

Corry Olthof is from an artist family and was born in Breda in the Netherlands.

She followed her training at the academy of Sint-Joost in Breda.

After she graduated in 1960, she undertook post-academic workshops and master classes.

Her work has been exhibited in numerous places in her own country and foreign countries, including in authoritative art events and in well-known galleries.


Painting in old techniques, mixing pigments and gum Arabic but then scattering sand over the picture or using tube acrylic is the way that Corry Olthof works.


This style of painting says something about her work in the sense that it shows the combination of the present and the past in her work.

She does not attempt to copy the style of painting of old Mediterranean cultures; she stands straight in the present, but looks from there to a world which had charms which are lacking today.


You could say that Corry Olthof’s paintings are recalling memories. She brings forms and colours in a way that suggests the old times rather than reflects.


She mixes pieces from her memory with particular places in the Levant with the direct

colour impressions which give life and topicality to the personal perception.



Mistique II Corry Olthof

Kunstposters - 70 x 80 cm

Mistique II - Corry Olthof
Mistique I Corry Olthof

Kunstposters - 70 x 80 cm

Mistique I - Corry Olthof
Silhouettes II Corry Olthof

Kunstposters - 35 x 100 cm

Silhouettes II - Corry Olthof
Silhouettes I Corry Olthof

Kunstposters - 35 x 100 cm

Silhouettes I - Corry Olthof